Sunday, June 15, 2008

{hello, i'm kate} & {a creative sunday}

hi there.

i've wanted a blog for a long time, but the time never seemed right. probably because i am still a teenager, and blogs seem to be for the adults who know what they're doing. i'm not entirely convinced that anyone ever knows exactly what they're doing, so i think i've got a pretty good shot at getting this right.

whatever that means.

anyway, i'm kate. i'm young, lively, creative, and pretty complicated. that's why i like to make things, to get everything out that's pounding away in my head. i draw, paint, scrap, sew, embroider, among other things-you name it, i've tried it. i hope to use this blog to hold me accountable to make things more often. oh, and i like to talk. a lot. most of my posts will probably be me rambling on about nothing. if we were talking, though, i promise i'd entertain you with amusing facial expressions (my specialty). so try to picture that as you read, if possible (basically think of a girl making a fool out of herself).

when i said before that i wanted to make this blog to hold me accountable to create things, i meant it. and it's already working because i was pretty creative today (since our power was out for 7 hours and i didn't have the computer to distract me). i made a mini journal and a blog header for my mom. you can see all of these on my flickr, hopefully in better resolution. but maybe i did it wrong. okay, here's where i show you the pictures and let you rest your eyes. i hope all of you people (meaning basically just my mom since no one else will read this yet) have a lovely rest of the night. all 20 minutes worth. i need to go to bed.


Kara said...

Yay! I am so glad that you started a blog. Loving it already! Adding to bloglines....

ca said...

This is a really cool blog, i love the stuff you made :)