Saturday, September 6, 2008

{guerilla art. and my town. good combination.}

hmm. seems like i have a little problem with this deadline thing. i think it's because i really don't like to be predictable. so basically, i think i'm going to stop making deadlilnes. i do believe that you are going to have to be surprised.

another plan deviation.

i was going to share a bunch of stuff today about my trip, how i built a bookshelf (shocking, i know. the dent in my wall is screaming at me, but it actually holds books. now if only i could heal the cut on my hand...), how i finally mailed postcards and a package (again, shocking. but i got to use the self mailer with cool buttons at the post office. suddenly, mail is more fun. can i send someone else something? i had to buy extra stamps!! takers?), the september calender i'm working on, and many more exciting things about my unexciting life (such as the hostages from the bank downtown yesterday and the SWAT team...) (which actually happened. look it up on google)...


my mom came home this afternoon from running errands and told me about a public art project downtown. so basically, i had to go. because i love guerilla art so much, it hurts me. and finally, finally, my town was in on the public art campaign. i started dancing.

for all of you who are scratching your head and asking "what the heck is guerilla art?", well, this is something you need, need, to know. this is technically guerilla art, but i see it in a broader sense, more of like art that gets everyone involved, not just the artist. here is where it all began for me. go there. then go here. then, go here, here {some of these are rauncy, i know, but i love the concept!}, here, and here. and here. hopefully i will start similar projects someday. i've been working on my own guerilla art projects on my own.

anyhoo! (funny how i get so sidetracked. wow.) my town!!

this guy that goes to our church is a graphic designer, and all because of a shoelace, he was inspired to do this fantastically cool art project all about his love for the city. you can find out more about it here. while you're there, select the three things that describe you. if for some reason tates ice cream comes up in where you should shop, i'll scoop it for you, since that's where i work (but i had an interview for a new job last week!!! will be discussed later. hopefully.).

but this mural. is. awesome.

he put all of these stickers on a huge mural, and it's pointillism, people! you can peel off all of the stickers that describe you. if you step back, it reads "what is wheaton?" i took off wild, poetic, bald, and vintage. i'm not really bald, but i thought it was funny. they're also cutting out blank spots to do something else wild with it. it's all terribly exciting.

i did not find the unique sticker. i saw it, but i didn't grab it. my sister saw it. she did not grab it. i got home, went to the website, and found out about the prize. needless to say, we were terribly disappointed. some kid has probably grabbed it by now.


but still. feast your eyes on these pictures and then i'll tell you why i love my town so much.

11 reasons i love my town: (11 is a well rounded number, no?)

1) it's a college town. it's so fun to have all these kids running around. they hid the bench in our garage once. but that's another story. there was no raid, thankfully.
2) we're in the guiness book of world records. for having the most churches in one square mile. but, still. it's a good thing, people. really. and as a person who attends one of these churches, i can fully attest to it being a good thing.
3) our downtown is cool. kids try to bubble the fountain. and always get caught. it was fun to hang there in middle school. plus also, there are thrift stores. funness.
4) our library ROCKS. it's in the top ten for small town libraries. and it just got renovated. seriously. it rocks. (and i cave, i'm going to work there. starting in october. in the children's floor. eeeeeee!!!!!)
5) six words. lots of bigger and better hunts.
6) it's a small town. you know a lot of people. it's awesome. it's got such a great feel to it.
7) we get four seasons. snow in winter. 100 degree summer days. rain in spring. awesome crispness in fall. it's so fun. except that i don't like snow, so that can be an issue, seeing as though we get A TON of it.
8) two highschools. cross town rivalry. nuff said.
9) we have the most awesome art store downtown. i can't even explain it.

10) we are a 20 minute train ride away from chicago. a 45 minute drive. do you know how good this is for a high school girl? can we say michigan avenue on the count of three? or ice skating with friends in the winter? yeah. it's really, really great.
and finally...
11) exciting stuff happens here. like when bill clinton came to our high school last year. and when the psycho took hostages yesterday. or when we were on oprah. or when football players from the college go to the nfl (which is sort of a big deal here).

or when we get art exhibits. in the middle of town. for the world to participate in.

seriously, people. i live in the best town ever (which not a lot of people can say!). come to wheaton. it's great.



metrochic said...

dude. that is SO cool. and since i put in artistic, mother and passionate, your shop totally came up! hee.

dainjb said...

that's so awesome! how fun and exciting. i'm gonna go click those links now, :). still can't wait to see pics from your trip! xox, dain

kayla said...

Oh my gosh!!! you live in wheaton?! I need to go see that mural too! I have left hope notes all over my town. i live in geneva! we are like so close...yet when i read your blog i think you live in like maine or something. haha! that is such a cool concept.

kayla said...

oh and if you go to wheaton north...i was at your school playing against your tennis team two weeks ago. crazy small world.

kayla said... left me that comment while i was looking around your blog...haha. weirdness. are you going to sell any prints of your calendars? i think you need to because they are amazing.

shaina said...

that pretty much just knocked my socks off! way cool girl! thanks for sharing. :D

dainjb said...

EEEEEHHHHHH!!!!! oh my gosh, the book is AMAZING... it is by far the most amazing thing anyone has made me. i love it so much. ok, now i'm going to go write you an email gushing some more. haha.

Stephanie Baxter said...

Love that mural! So colourful!

Love from fellow Typist, Steph xxx

webponce said...

hey. thanks for the links to disposablememoryproject and thevisualdictionary! that pointilist wall is awesome!

email me via the site, and we'll set you up with a camera bag if you want.