Friday, June 12, 2009

{a bit of weekend inspiration}

okay, yes...totally lameface to do two posts in a week along the same lines but i haven't had much time to be creative the last few days...thus i am borrowing from others ;)

so i hope you enjoy my dose of weekend inspiration...i tried to pick things that weren't on a lot of other blogs so they would be fresh ideas. enjoy!

about a year ago my grandma sent me an email telling me that i would love this shop she'd found...and good heavens was she right. all i can say is that you must, must look at everything on this site. the pictures alone are enough for me...but the gorgeous products are even better. be sure to check out the sequins, glitter, and notion kits to start!

this site is brilliant. functional, simple, beautiful products any paper junkie would love. it's brilliant. and lately i have been on an all out address file kick, so finding this was great {gotta love google!}. if you want more address file goodness look here, here, and here.

i happened upon this site by chance and ooh i am glad i did! this is the kind of cake you can enjoy again and again and never feel guilty about...the cardboard variety. so pretty, so genius.

4. rifle at renegade craft fair
rifle is one of my favorite blogs. i'm a big art/calligraphy kind of person, and she does the kind of work i dream about doing. browse through this blog! you won't be disappointed!

have a splendid weekend!



Kara said...

eeeeeeeeeeek!!! you're back. and with such inspiration.


Paz said...

Well hello there. So happy to see you are back. New inspiration is always great:)

WildmanDesigns said...

Boy, love that "Rifle" site! Thanks for sharing, and it's nice to see you blogging again. I'll be watching!!!! :-)

Unknown said...

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