Saturday, June 21, 2008

{goodbye, USA}

no pictures today! hope you can live with all the pain and suffering of a tired girl's ramblings.

so, i leave tomorrow morning (at 3 am) for my big missions trip to costa rica. i was planning on making a cutsy little collage to take a picture of (to say goodbye, and all that, to my nonexistant readers), but i've been packing all day. and i have to go to work soon. it's not going to happen. anyway, after wrestling with suitcases all day long and trying to round all of the neccessities up, i am beat. work is not going to be pretty.

i felt like i should do something for my readers who don't exist, so i decided to post some of my favorite random sites. i take such pleasure from randomness! *insert spontaneous hooray here* hope you enjoy:

bembo's zoo: hooray! funny animals made out of letters! clever. clever.
sweet gifs: wow. this is totally pointless, but very creative. and colorful. and rather impressive. ooh, i love the guy with the glow in the dark glasses! how many are there, anyway?
human clock: bahahahahaha. i just like this utter pointlessness and inspiration. what time is it, anyway?
stripe generator: perfect for knitting projects. or just for nothing. but still clever!
free rice: great idea. good way to get your vocab up. pile up that rice, will you?
internet archive of books: exactly. i love it. this link is to the children's section. somewhere around here you can even see old french fairytales. i love this!!

hopefully that will keep you entertained till i get back.

see you on july 3rd! ciao.


Shelly W said...

O.K., I'm jealous that you have comments already and I have none! You do rock, my dear!

I miss you already and you've only been gone 5 hours.

Love you! Mom

ca said...

The sites look amazing, am going to look at them now :)