Friday, June 20, 2008

{hodge podge}

phew. these last few days have gone by in such a blur. so many things to do! and truthfully, i should be packing right now, but seeing as though procrastination is my middle name, i guess i'll blog about what i have been doing and what i should be doing. i should be getting ready for my trip on sunday. i have to leave at three in the morning (a scandal, i think, even for adults--even more so for those of us under twenty who don't function fully until 10ish) to catch our plane. and i have to bring two suitcases. i must admit, normally i love my suitcases (hello, pink!), but right now they are talking to me from my bedroom and i am trying to drown them out. i got them very cheap at tj maxx (hooray! bargain!), and they have seen me through some exciting adventures, to say the least. but i am not a fan of them right now. this is why i took such a hideous picture of them:

in other random news, i made another little card for my quote book. i don't like this one so much, but i have this thing where i won't throw anything i make away. hopefully i can think of something better for the next slot. i'm thinking layers of paint and a paper bag (*evil laugh here*).

also, on thursday, my littlest sister and i went to the library to stock up on reading materials for my trip. there's this gorgeous park next to it that i adore. i have had many...erm...interesting experiences in the fountain in the center (*another evil laugh here*). the reading nook (atleast for me!) was especially appealing that day. i wish i were there right now instead of putting off packing.

okay, this has been a pretty cruddy post. that's what i get for deciding to do anything but pack. i'll leave you with a random self-portrait i took on wednesday. this one makes me laugh. i went totally overboard with the editing, but i don't care!gotta love taking pictures of yourself in your bathroom mirror! ciao.

oh! i lied. one thing more. millions of thanks to this girl who is amazing. hers is probably my favorite blog evah! thanks for everything, kara!

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