Wednesday, July 9, 2008

{accidental adventure day!}

so today i woke up thinking i will make a mini-journal today using all of the great paper i gathered from around the house at midnight last night! okay, maybe not in so many words, but that's fully what i planned to do. it hasn't happened. yet.

but! i went on an unplanned adventure downtown with my sister today and came back with some fantastic stuff from thrift stores. such as vintage simplicity/mccalls patterns, some various scraps of paper for journals, a gorgeous purple bracelet i'm kind of obsessed with, and some stolen goods from the library. yes, stolen.

see, i've been looking and looking for old due date cards all over etsy and the internet, but i have found none. and i can't get them from our library anymore because we went *gasp* digital last year (meaning that we have computer chips inside our books for checkout instead of cards) and i haven't seen those little cards in a long time. sadly. if only i had been a smart little child and taken every single card out from the books i checked out! but of course i never thought i'd be a scrapper back then.

anyway, we went up to the second floor and poured through all of the books no one ever reads, like the tolstoy/aristotle collections. this worked really well, because there were a lot of forgotten cards with hardly any stamps on them because seriously, who ever looks at those books? (sorry if you're some kind of philosophy lover...) i basically squealed every time i found one, and felt such a rush as i shoved them into my bag.

okay, i can see how that is totally lame. honestly, i need to find a different way to rebel.

i also found random scraps of paper/bookmarks in the books up there, so i pilfered those, too. i didn't take pictures of them because some of them are a little creepish (such as this possessed-looking kitty with a bottle. i know. it's weird.) but it was totally more fun than it should have been. and we totally made the librarian up there really mad. so i guess that means our mission was a success.

and that's not the end to the fun, either, because when i got home, there was a crisis concerning the mail. my youngest sister is at camp right now, and her rare letters are a very celebrated occasion at our house. but today my mom happened to drop one of them under our porch, through one of those teeny tiny slats, and we could not for the life of us get it out.

we eventually had to tape a dust pan to the end of a rake, break a window in our laundry room, cut the screen with a razor, and shove my sister in there with the rake to try and get it out. it was entirely the most amusing sight i have witnessed this entire summer. i'm just thankful my mom got it on video camera.

that book hasn't gotten made yet. and i'm going to wisconsin tomorrow for a few days, so it might be a while till you get to see pictures. sorry!

oh well, i love not doing much in july. and random adventures. and summer. and shopping. and rakes. and purple bracelets. and stealing library cards. and arnold palmers. and paper. and dustpans.

basically, i just love.



Kara said...

Oh! Those library card look so awesome! And those patterns! Dang. Can't wait to see what you make.

Mandi said...

This post made me smile. We are very much alike, I think. I'm definately not a clepto, or anything, but one time I stole two eggs from the grocery store and it was quite a rush! haha Then we made brownies. :)
Sounds like you're having and awesome July!

Shelly W said...

No, really, you don't have to find a different way to rebel. Library rebellion is JUST FINE. Nothing more. :)

Shelly W said...

Hey Kate! You are so awsome and funny! I love you!

Your little sister