Monday, July 7, 2008

{one fine wire}

my head was all in a jumble today. i felt like there were about a gajillion things on my mind (okay, actually not a number, but you catch my drift) all waiting to burst out at once. my head had one little rest when some of my favorite girls came overfor a couple of hours to watch sydney white and the seven dorks (again! oh how i adore that movie!), but as soon as they left it started hammering again (like seriously, hammering. am i the only one who feels like gnomes pound away at my head with little hammers? okay, so maybe i am the only one).

so needless to say, i was absolutely stir crazy the rest of the day...until i was playing double solitare with my sister (which gets pretty heated in this house, let me tell you, because i am the reigning champion and everyone tries very hard to beat me). i actually wasn't doing so good until my mom popped one of my favorite cd's into the stereo system (colbie caillat!!) and one fine wire started to play.

it was like a miracle. it totally summed up how i had been feeling all day, so as soon as i whooped my sister's toosh at our game i dashed to my room, shoved aside the junk from my other projects, and whipped up this baby. i wanted something really simple, really clean cut--to ease my mind and make it easy on my eyes next time my brain was driving me crazy. i totally met that goal--i used no glue (only staples), and only one catalogue! my toast catalogue came while i was in costa rica, and i had been swooning over the pages since its pages became every single page of my book. except for the cover, which came from my stash of vintage sheet music:

you can see the rest on my flickr.
please excuse the photo quality--it's dark out here and i don't have great lighting in my room. and i know it's not fancy, but it was perfect for what i needed. my mind is totally at ease now. so if you're undergoing some serious brain trauma right now, don't freak. put colbie on your ipod and you'll be fine in no time.


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ca said...

i live about an hour outside central London. St.Albans.

Where did you visit when you came round England?