Sunday, July 6, 2008

{flickr faves}

well, today was sort of a non-productive day. i had to work today (ga!), so that should explain a lot. who ever knew that scooping ice cream could be so tiring? or boring? oh how i wish i worked at the library.

but that is a different story.

i'm absolutely fine with my current state of unproductiveness, since i'm still recovering from my 28-hour travel day on thursday/friday (i think i'll be using this excuse for a while, since it sounds so shocking coming out of a sixteen year old's mouth. isn't it the kind of thing you'd expect a hotsy-totsy guy in a business suit with a blackberry and bluetooth to say? i like to shake things up). i'm totally at peace right now, so that's all good (obviously).

in the creative department, i've started on one of the projects i plotted out on the plane while gaping at a demonic chihuahua (how do you spell that?!), but it's nothing i want to photograph yet. hopefully in the next few days, but i promise nothing. i'm currently living up to the teenage stereotype of getting nothing done (and i kinda like it).

in the meantime, while you await my fantastic creations (typed with sarcastic fingers), i decided i'd share with you some of my favorites on flickr. i absolutely adore flickr. have i mentioned this before? no? well i do. i could spend hours upon hours drinking in all of the photographs i wish i took. maybe someday i could be that good...

these are my current faves, mainly because of the colors:

you can see who took all of them on my flickr. hopefully drinking in all the lovliness will tide you over till i can show you some of my own creations.

until then, ciao!


ca said...

flickr is an amazing site. I use it almost all the time :)

Jodi said...

WELCOME BACK, KATE! We are so glad you made it home safely. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Loving your are so creative!