Tuesday, July 15, 2008

{good day}

okay okay okay. i lied. sort of. i said i'd try to post every day this week. i fully could have done so yesterday, but i really didn't have the energy. because it was like midnight. and i was very very sad.

i was sad because i was supposed to go this morning to get my driver's licsense. but last night i took a tumble down the stairs, ripped my social security card, and then realized that i was short two night driving hours to get my licsense. so obviously we had some work to do today. i was very mad at my parents for making me be honest about my hours, but okay, i guess i see how lying to the government might be sort of an issue. oh well. tonight i guess i will drive around town for two hours. oh joyous.

but today turned out to be quite a fantastic day! my friends are all back from their vacations, so we got together and had just a simply fantastic time at katie's house. i tried a wii for the first time, and was totally hooked to this racing cows game. oh and the boxing. but especially the one with the cows. because seriously, could there be anything more funny than watching this cartoon guy with an afro kick his legs up on the back of a cow every time the cow hit a scarecrow or jumped a hurdle? or watching your totally hilarious and awesome friends make crazy weird movements when trying to seriously maime the other person on virtual boxing? (we're talking seriously hilarious movements. seriously.) umm, no. i didn't think so. it was entertaining in every sense of the word.

also this morning i got this email from sistv about the class (unpredictable requests) held next week by the totally awesome ashley wren (hooray hooray hooray!!!), and i totally signed up. for twenty dollars for ten days, it's totally worth it. so excited! i've never looked forward to a monday before. so seriously, anyone who reads this (probably not that many people yet, but still), sign up here! i totally can't wait to see what comes out of that class.

and finally, like a cherry on the top of my good day, my ap us history test scores finally came in the mail. i was totally totally totally nervous, becuase i remembered how stinking hard the test was, and how scattered all of my essays were, and how wrong all of my answers seemed, but...(drumroll please...) i got a four!! a four!!!!! (that's really good if you didn't know about ap scoring.) i was so happy. am still happy. wow.

so now to the pictures. another great thing that happened last night was one of my friend's dad (who works for a print company) gave me all of these fantastic paper sample books their company gets inundated with from wausau papers. they cost like 9 dollars normally. i was so incredibly happy and excited. the colors, shapes, and textures are fabulous.
also, like i promised, some sketch book snapshots. there's a game i played with my friend marilyn on a plane, and some other random doodles i did. it's more of a doodle book. i love drawing.

wow, that was a long post! anyway, i hope your days are all fantastic! until tomorrow...ciao.


Mandi said...

I love your sketches! And totally jealous about that paper. :)

ca said...

beautiful pictures sorry about your driving license. (but at least you will soon be able to drive have about 2 more years until i can!!)

Korbyn said...

7Love your doodles and drawings!