Wednesday, July 16, 2008

{*insert excited shriek here*}

that is me releasing all the utter fabulousness from my day into this post. did you feel it? cuz that was quite a strong "ah". very. very. strong. it was a good day. here is a recap:

1)i got my drivers license! finally. and i mean, finally! not only have i had my permit for over a year, but also i've been sixteen for four months. it's really about time. plus remember yesterday when i told you that i didn't have my night hours? so i went last night with my dad to drive around for two hours (we got pulled over by the police in a parking lot where i was paralell parking. i was embarassed. my dad got a kick out of it. so did the police. the cop and my dad were making fun of my complete lack of skills. i was mortified then, but now that i think back on it, it probably was one of the more hilarious experiences of my life. seriously. because i was quite a site, seeing as though my dad is a terrible paralell parking teacher!), so that this morning we could go to the dmv to get my license. we get there after a twenty minute drive and realize oh! i left all the paperwork on the island of the kitchen! silly me! soooo after another hour, we get back. to make a long story short, i am now a proud carrier of a certified license from the secretary of state. hooray! *bows to all the fake applause*

2) i got four shirts from a plato's closet for twenty three dollars. if you don't know what that is, it's this totally cool place that carries extra clothes from stores like hollister, forever twenty one, american eagle, etc. or donations from girls with cute clothes who don't want them anymore. it was totally great. i am so excited to wear all those things. is it possible to wear four shirts at once? plus the one i got from american eagle after that? i wish there was. i love new clothes.

3) we had home run in pizza while watching jon and kate plus eight for dinner. need i say more?

okay so those were the highlights. but when i checked my email just now, the day got even better!!! ooh i am excited.

so sistv is starting their project catwalk tonight!!!!!! piggy backing off of the challenges for project runway (best. show. ever!!!!) which is also starting tonight! ooooh in ten minutes! i'd bettere wrap this up. so everyone, you need to read the challenge at ten tonight and email your work of pure stylish art within 72 hours. i will show you mine tomorrow night. and also ramble needlessly about the awesome designs coming out of project runway.

thank you for listening to me ramble away. i'm so happy right now watching aiden and leah pat alligators on the television while sketching project ideas that i just can't think straight. i hope you find it adorably cute instead of annoying, which i am fearing. i promise promise tomorrow's post will make up for it.

dude, i am so excited. five minutes left!


okay so i was feeling totally like a loser blogger so i decided that i would give you a couple of links. happy now? :)
1)quizilla: this keeps me entertained for far too long.
2)flip: i love. i've made some seriously sweet stuff on here. and gotten total fashion inspiration from all over.
3)sis: go and start challenges!!
4)project runway: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
5)papa louie: bahahahaha. another one of those stupid websites that keeps me entertained.
6)polyvore: i. love. this. site. so. much. true true true love.

there. have i redeemed myself at least a tiny bit?

********edited again************
just realized that licsense is spelled license. mom, please don't kill me. holy cow, maybe i do need to go back to school. ack.

ciao for real!

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Joy said...

:) Congrats on the DL, I didn't get mine until I was 18 and about to leave for college!