Tuesday, August 5, 2008

{i'm feeling random.}

today is going to be quite a day, seeing as though i'm already kind of random, and it's only 9. i have a feeling i'm going to be freaking out by the end of the day. oh well! i wanted to blog last night, but it got to be midnight after i finished my calender (which you'll see in a minute), so i just decided i'd do it in the morning. so.

my night
~my tshirts finally came in! i designed them for our switzerland trip (which is in two days!!), and they came back from rumpleshirtskin yesterday! i really like how they came out. i'll explain it in a second:

okay. so the hills are alive with the sound of music (the music notes), since we're going to be in the alps. i made up the font because i couldn't find a font on my computer to copy that would match the sound of music box. and finally, those people. well, i personalized all of them so that they'd look like the people on my team. we all have a picture! :) can you guess which one is me?

~then, after the meeting (which was interrupted by a huge storm that made the national news this morning {did you see it??}), i realized that school starts two weeks from today and that i really needed to get organized. am ordering my supplies from vera bradley this morning. but last night, i made a calender for the month of august. i love it!! it turned out totally me. i took a lot of pictures (you can see them all on my flickr):

yeah. those last few are the days i'm excited for and i'm not excited for. can you guess which? :/

~so also, at the meeting last night, we formed a band called las papas (yeah, yeah, you already knew i was odd, right?). that will be fun while in europe...but we made up a song about a cow. i was kind of on a sugar high from the fabulous jewel brand brownies, so i drew it on my hand. i woke up this morning and just laughed at the sheer strangeness of it all. so i took a picture.

please don't think i'm too strage. i mean, i guess i kind of am, since i did draw it, but i like to think of it as more loveable, or something. *sigh*

okay, so according to my calender, i have a doctor's appointment in an hour. and i'm still in my pj's (which i stayed in until 2 yesterday! hooray!). plus also, we have to go and find a way to get rid of a turtle leagally today.

wish me luck.

oh! my drawing for the rak from yesterday will take place at 7p tonight. so if you haven't commented on yesterday's post, do it! yeah. okay. ciao!


Martha Bonneau said...

Cool shirt, cool calendar....good luck with the turtle!

Kara said...

Wow! That calendar is fabulous!

Have fun in Switzerland! Totally jealous.

metrochic said...

that calendar rules!

stacijo said...

Love the shirt! That calendar rocks!! Be safe and have fun in Switzerland!! Don't forget to take lots of photos...(of course) so that you can make more minis!!!!

dainjb said...

loving the calendar! perhaps i'll whip up something similar while at work (since clearly i'm being productive at work, reading blogs and all ... haha)! so jealous of your trip by the way!! cute cute shirt.

Mandi said...

Oh wow! Totally lovin your calendar! I was thinking of making myself one... but definately didn't think of anything as cool as that. :)

The Creative Type said...

NOW that is an awesome Calender:)

You have such a great eye for design!!!

MandieGirl said...

I love the calendar! What kind of paper did you make it on? I am jealous of your skillz!

danni said...

oh goodness the calendar is AMAZING! you should publish them. seriously. i'd buy one ;)

kayla said...

calendar on etsy please...I want one! it is so cool looking!!!