Monday, August 4, 2008

{ creating, reading, and giving...}

so i've decided i really have to stop telling you when i'm going to post next. because that is really not working out for me. and now i feel all guilty about not updating you on my rather boring little life! :)

i kind of forgot how i had to work like 26 hours between the ice cream shop and babysitting this weekend. basically, this leaves little time for creating, let alone blogging! so while i gave myself a nearly strained wrist after getting it stuck in a tub of ice cream, and a serious migraine after playing barbies for 3 hours straight, i silently hoped that none of you would hate me too much for not posting for a while.
and then on saturday, before i had to go babysit, breaking dawn came out! finished that one in seven hours. but i'm pathetically sad because i don't get any more edward and bella vampire drama! i'm pathetic, i know. but i love reading. and i love those books!
i love reading so much that as i tried to shove my new book purchases onto my bookshelf, the back split open. this is a problem. i have to get a bigger bookshelf. and now my books are on my chair, with about twenty i loaned to friends coming back soon. and a bunch shoved into my closet.

books are dangerous. but really fabulous. things have calmed down.


surprisingly, i actually managed to make something on friday between babysitting and working. and...i really really love it! wow. it's a bunch of "she" statements that i either made up or was inspired by, all about me. i didn't mean for it to become really long, but it turned out to be like 20 pages, 40 if you count the backs. so, naturally, i was not about to put a picture of every page on flickr. but they are all on my sis, which you can get to from the link on the left. i took some of my favorites to show you:

i had so much fun making this that i decided that i would host a giveaway. at the end of the post, i'm going to write all of the statements in my book. if you leave a comment with another "she" statement about yourself, or just any comment in general, within the next two or three days (giving myself a window!!) i'll do a random drawing and make the winner her own book. the winner can decide what statements she wants or add any others. i could even leave it blank, if she wanted to write them in.
i'll also be in switzerland from the seventh to the eighteenth of august, so i'll be gathering paper there. i'll use most of it in your book, so you can say you have a bit of europe in your autobiography! ;) you'll just have to wait a teensy bit to get your book in the mail.

so comment! i want to hear you guys talk about yourself, rather than just me rambling on about nothing :)

okay, here are my statements:

she always dwells in possibilites. she is the heroine of her own story. she made her own magic. she's got a little world hidden in her heart and hands. she knew there was never a dull moment. she's at the beginning... she looked to the future with bright eyes. she loved imperfections. she knew she'd do foolish things, but she wanted to do them with enthusiasm. most of the time, she was almost too happy to breathe. she could be a fancy pants, but she knew bad style happens. she had her cake and ate it, too. she spun recklessly and sometimes fell down. she always got back up. sometimes, mindless decisions were hard for her. she wanted to travel the world. she appreciated simple beauty. she often paused her pursuit of happiness to just be happy. life was the best party she's ever been to. oh, can she live! she was guilty of running with scissors. of making mountains out of molehills. of painting with her fingers. of indulging. oh, could she smile! easy things were sometimes her biggest problems.but at least she never gave them up. she loved fashion. often, there was love on her mind. she was a rather silly girl.caffeine saved her as her ideas raced late into the night. she was the queen of her castle. she was sometimes confused. she giggled. oh! she was such a silly, silly girl. she knew life went on. she stared at simple objects, reveling in the possibilities. she stopped to smell the roses. and the daisies. and the lillies. sometimes, she felt like there was a storm in her head. she tried her best to live without being afraid. she was right to dream such dreams. she frolicked, twirled, and dilly-dallied. she tried every closed door, just in case. she made a million wishes and believe they'd all come true. she tried her best to be a real artist. she was tickled pink. a pink ruffle. a pink bow. but never a pink eye {sally jean}. she batted away the clouds. she always had hope. she never stopped believing. she knew the journey was the reward. sometimes, all she wanted was red velvet cake. and the only reason she'd make it would be to lick the spoon. her motto was to say nothing, be silly, act natural. she hoped she wouldn't miss anything. she fancied herself sugar, spice, and mostly nice. she skipped to her lou. sometimes, she was reckless. she really liked her feet, but didn't know why. she had great friends, and when they got together they laughed and laughed. she appreciated the fancy, but adored the fancily simple. she sometimes was an artist behaving badly. she loved art. she loved life. she loved herself. she is me.

so yeah. even if you have no blog, have never commented before, or have never even read this until today...comment! i want to make you something so badly (so i guess this is a rather selfish rak...)!!


ps. longest post ever on this blog award! woooot! :)


elizabeth said...

you're right...books are dangerous but lover*ly all at the same time!

love the mini!
like really love it!

allison said...

i love this mini.
i've been loving 'she' statements for so long and have been wanting to make a mini out of them.
this is just the kick in the butt i needed.
even if it goes to someone else, i will have one of my own :)

and i do love my books. i bought a bookcase that was as big as one whole wall in my guest room for all my books. and it is almost too small.

Lori said...

Girl, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

A She statement:

She is wild and crazy yet, subdued and soft.

JessSrail said...

dude, this mini is just fabulous! And at least you attempted to make all your books "bookshelf" is the space under my bed!:)

The Creative Type said...

Great little book!!! Great blog:)

She knows that some would say she is to free-spirited and they dont approve, but she loves to be un-attached sometimes.

just jenn said...

She is a confident, independent woman.

LadyMissSusan said...

THIS mini is FANTASTIC! I have to say that I SO hope I win!!! If not, I'm lifting you! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

She believes in the happily ever after.

Amy said...

She is sugar and spice, fire and ice. LOVE the mini!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

This is such an awesome book! I love your handwriting combined with those cool pics! I would love to win one made by you! Okay, here's my she statement:

She dances in her livingroom daily...

Michelle aka ravenea

dainjb said...

omg i love love love this mini you made! it's beautiful and amazing, and here you are talking about how you want to be my number one fan, well, i think i want to be yours! i want one! hehe...
xox, dain

dainjb said...

oh duh i forgot my she statement ... got too excited i guess!

She cherishes the everyday.

Heather said...

She is a mother of 2 boys and 3 step-daughters.

Love your mini, and I can't beleive you read that book in 7 hours. That's like 100 pages per hour!!! :)

Tiffany said...

LOVE the mini!

Hmmm, a she statement...

She was sure the smell of his skin was her favorite.

Have a good trip :-)

metrochic said...

totally cute mini! ditto what allison said. here's a she statement:

she went left when they said go right.

:) xo.

MandieGirl said...

she is beauty.

kayla said...

found your blog the mini!

kayla said...

oops...forgot my she statement...

she was the worrier that needed to let go.

Laura said...

I love your mini!

She is the only one that can define what makes her happy.

She is why I get up every morning.

Awesome blog!

stacijo said...

I totally adore your whole personality!! You're so creative and open and I think that is awesome. The world is just waiting for you!!

staceyfike said...

she thinks this is amazing!

Kristin said...

How very cool! Can't wait to see if the winner is me:)