Friday, August 22, 2008

{nearly there...}

good news! i'm almost over my jet lag!

too bad this couldn't have happened before i started school. ah, well. soooo. updates!

my room still isn't cleaned. only half way. after work tonight i will start creating! i can't keep you guys in suspense for too much longer now, can i? haha. oh! for all of you who gave me your address for a postcard...i have them! i wrote them in switzerland. but because i couldn't speak german, i didn't get stamps. and i was unable to send them from switzerland. i hope you don't hate me! i have them on my desk and will be mailing them to you this weekend. just, they might have an american flag stamp on them, which is kind of weird, come to think of it, but hopefully you'll be okay with that. please?

i haven't uploaded switzerland photos quite yet. but my momma has! here are a couple i really liked (sorry they don't have my signature round corners! i took them from her flickr):

this is the clock tower in town. it's clocks disappeared every other day. i can't for the life of me figure out where they went! it's quite a dilemma.

these message walls were everywhere. i just thought they were the most awesome things ever. people stapled/tacked messages to fences or walls, and tore them down when they were done. i loved them. just loved them.

this was the view from our hotel window. we hiked to that waterfall.

basically, switzerland is the most beautiful place in the whole world. it is the place of my dreams, i think. really.


haha that painted fire hydrant there? that's sven. i named him. after a viking. and yes, inside of that innocent looking sign to the hotel were dolls. evil dolls. i had nightmares about them.

so that should tide you over for a while!

coming soon: pictures. of many a thing. creative stuff. etsy finds. gifts (thanks allison!! you're such a sweetie!!). other random niceness.



photography4me said...

These pictures are awesome.... Especially the landscape one. I liked the sign posting fences as well. Cant wait to see your photographs.

dainjb said...

love the pic of all the staples and paper bits on the fence!

can't wait to see more!

Sandy said...

i agree, i think switzerland is just amazing and stunning! but EXPENSIVE!! oh, it looks just as i remember! hope you had a great time!

killerxkim said...

hah! i did that with my postcards from america.
they all got stamps with the queen on them.

i have something to tell you!
a secret, you could say...
e-mail please?
(i lost your e-mail in my pc to mac transform)

you'll like it, i think. :D