Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{oh my, my, my. you've got yourself one tired girl.}

hello again, my friends!! i'm back from my second european trip, finally.

and very jet lagged. very, very jet lagged.

because i got home monday night at 5p my time. realized it was midnight swiss time. crashed on my bed. woke up at one, realizing that it is 8 swiss time. couldn't fall back asleep. showered at five. then! started school at seven twenty.

that's right. apparantly, my junior year has started.

i've been asleep for most of it.

but i'm slowly leaving this fog behind me and remembered my little blog. eeps! people are waiting for a post! and i have so so so so so much to post about!

oh, my, my, my. can you tell i'm still a wee bit tired?

i am. tired enough to not have uploaded photos yet. or cleaned my room. or even made enough space to pack away all my etsy purchases and make something. because my creativity is itching. itching!!

and dain, you're first, you lucky girl! i loved your list. i'm so excited to make you your book. it's going to be fab. i'm already jealous of you ;)

i know this doesn't exactly qualify as a real post, seeing as though my brain is still muddled, but i thought i'd give you a sneeky peeky (i get kind of lame when i'm tired) of what's to come in the next week (drumroll, please)...

1) details of my fabulous trip. and all the paper i garnered. and/or stole.
2) details of my first week at school. and all my fabulous supplies i decked out in fancy, fancy handwriting.
3) details of etsy finds.
4) details of the bountiful barn.
5) details of dain's book.
6) details of a clean room (hopefully)
7) details, details, details.

and finally!

8) details of a fabulous new blog where i am lucky enough to be on the design team!! hooray! very, very, very excited. but i can't think straight enough to make anything yet. forgive me, patty! i'm working on it!

but right now, i need to sleep.

it's only 6:45.

i think i still have problems.

good night, good friends!!


dainjb said...

eeeeeeeeek! i am so excited for all of it!! (photos, hearing of your adventures in a far away land, design team, and obviously my book! and everything else you listed)! welcome back, go catch some sleeep!!!!

xox, dain

kayla said...

welcome home! I hope you enjoyed your first day!

kayla said...

def yes! woot to the fellow junior! this year will be a challenge, but I hope I can handle it.

sorry what does ga stand for? (i think that might be one of my stupid questions.)

ps. congrats on making the new design team.

The Creative Type said...

So happy your back!!! Take your time and rest, rest, rest. I understand fully.

stacijo said...

Welcome home!! Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your trip!!!