Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{i want to marry joshua radin}

because all of his songs are amazing. seriously, listen to them. they are exactly the kind of no frills songs i want some guy to sing to me one day. one of my favorites is i'd rather be with you...the lyrics are great but so is the guitar ;)

i love it so much!!

soooo i decided to make a book {gasp i know it's about time, aren't you proud of me??}

more on my flickr.

i wanted it to be simple, no frills...like the song. so i used corkboard for the covers, so it would look natural, but i don't know how i feel about that choice. sure, it looks nice but you try to open it! it's a good thing i have thumbs of steel or you wouldn't have any pictures to look at. the photos in the book took so long to pick out...i wanted each page to match a line of the song. it's not my best work but i definitely like it...and it fits the weather outside today.

have a happy tuesday!



Amy said...

dear kate, you're my hero. love amy

WildmanDesigns said...

I have a book about all different kinds of bookbinding techniques. Would love to share it with you. See my comment on your previous post. :-)

Jaszmurka said...

HI :)

Looks incredible! I love your style. Clean but powerful :)

Kim Smith said...

where are youuuuuuuu??
do you still exist in the online world?