Monday, June 8, 2009

{today i'm likin'...}

i meant to sit down and make something pretty dang awesome to share today but didn't have enough i did two things.

first. i made this little baby for my sister out of a map i tore out of a magazine (just in case the world ever grows spikes you could use this to get around. i'm just saying.). pretty fantastic stuff called modular origami, definitely great if you're watching a long movie and have too much paper on your hands. if you want instructions to make your own, look
here {if anyone attempts the epcot ball i will be your friend for life...craziness right there}.

second. i browsed the internet for a while and found some fantastic awesomeness floating all around. i just had to share! i'm going to do a post about my favorite blogs later, but this may give you a bit of a taste.

askinosie chocolate
oh my stars i want this chocolate so bad. not only are the names tantalizing {come on, el rustico, del tambo, sonconusco...who wouldn't want to sink their teeth into something with a name like that?}, but the packaging is so. awesome. if you look all the way down the products page you will find
this chalk-late bar, which i think is totally brilliant.

diy headband via once wed
this is such a cool idea! i love this kind of headband, especially the sparkles and feathers, and this project is so simply beautiful. you could whip one of these up for cheap in about five fantastic!

debi treloar photography via design is mine
there are no words to describe this woman's amazing artistry...please go check her out! i am in love with every single one of her beautiful shots.

4. i want this house via love. obsess. inspire.
i am far from having my own place to live, but when i do, i want it to look like this. dale saylor and joe williamson are geniuses...this place is subtle but so beautiful. i would do nicely waking up in this house every morning.

hope you all had a fantastic monday!


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dainjb said...

katie! i am so so so glad you are back. you have been missed. i still look at my "she" book that you made for me and it's one of my favorite things ever. love, dain