Sunday, July 27, 2008


okay, i'm awol no longer! sorry i disappeared for a's been quite a week ;) and i thought summer wasn't supposed to be busy? not a chance.

anyway, i thought i'd confess two things in today's post, to account for my missing-ness and my latest mini. and then maybe some randomness, just so you know me better (*chuckle*).

1) i am addicted to books
truly, i am. i devour books, and very quickly. it really is like a hunger, sometimes. that's what's been mainly distracting me this week :) i decided to jump on the bandwagon and try reading twilight, because target was having a sale. holy. stinking. cow! i read really fast, so i finished it in 6 hours on wednesday. i drove back to target on thursday, and bought new moon. i finished that one in 7 (it was a little slow in the middle...). i had work to do after i finished it friday morning, so i had to wait till yesterday to get eclipse. finished that one in 6, too. i am so surprised at how much i actually ended up enjoying them. because they're not really well written (yesssss i am an english nerdlette...thank my mother for that one...), but they're so creative! and addicting. i can't wait till next saturday to get breaking dawn! seriously. read them. and share with me book suggestions! :)

2) i tend to be a perfectionist.
okay, this is one of my bad-kate traits. i am kind of obsessed with not messing up. i work way too hard at school to get good grades-i actually exert so much energy into everything to make sure i don't let people down. or myself, for that matter. so naturally, this year (my junior year) is going to end up killing me unless i lighten up a little ;) (surprising, i'm actually really a very easy going person. i just like to do things really well.) so yeah. i'm kind of fearing failing on some decisions right now. i'm really trying to work through these faults, so i made a mini to get my thoughts out. really helped. you can see all the pictures on my flickr.

3) i'm probably taller than you.
i don't know if i've mentioned this before, but i'm over six feet tall. it's pretty useful. also annoying. if i ever meet you, please try to refrain from pointing out this observation. i really don't mind (that much) if you forget, but seriously. i get told at least once every day (a lot of times by strangers) "wow! you're tall!" i never do, but i'm always tempted to say "really? i've never noticed that before! you see, we don't own a mirror in my house..." yeah. but it can be totally fun (when i'm not sticking out like a sore thumb...), especially in shoe stores. and target. i always try on really high stilettos and walk around the store, pretending to look for my friends to ask about how they look. people are hilarious!! they have such funny reactions! little kids have pulled on their mothers' shirts, pointing, one guy tripped over a shelf one time, people have stopped conversations. it's hilarious. and in europe...well, i think i endangered people in the middle of the street who forgot to look where they were going, just gaping at me. ha! yeah. fun times.

4) i'm hardly ever sad.
it's true. i say this to people all the time, and they totally underestimate how i'm not lying. i really am hardly ever sad. i can get contemplative, and sometimes i do get down...but it only lasts five minutes, tops. i'm really quick to forgive, i'm hardly ever mad at people either. i'm convinced it's totally God's doing. it's like that song i used to sing in sunday school..."i've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart..." yeah. if i meet you, i'll like you. if you make me mad, i'll forget it in a second. but only if you promise not to call me tall (kidding!).

5) i talk a lot.
but you could probably figure this out from my ramblings. :)

okay, that's it for today. ciao!


Allie said...

Hey there! Found your blog through SIS & love it.

I am totally where you are with the college thing, I'll be a junior this year & have no idea what I want to do. And it just makes it worse when everyone else knows exactly what they want.

Love your mini's & your blog.


allison said...

isn't twilight marvelous??
other books i love:
- water for elephants by sara gruen
- the time travelers wife by audrey niffenegger
- the book of lost things by john connelly
- the thirteenth tale by diane setterfield

all these books are completely different, but all are really captivating. like, sit down and read the whole book at once captivating.

Mandi said...

I totally know what you mean with the whole not knowing what you want thing... I went to KY for two years, then moved back home, and now I'm doing what I want. I just needed to move away to figure it out! :)

Lisa said...

girl, i feel your pain. i'm 6 feet tall and i can't wear heels to my wedding because i'm already taller than him. but it's ok, i already decided long ago i will be wearing white converse chucks!

lovin your blog :) and your craftiness

dainjb said...

hi hi! thanks for the book suggestions, i'm always looking for new ones to read. some of my faves: the time traveler's wife, my sister's keeper, and the shadow of the wind.

and don't you even worry (seriously) about not knowing what you want. i just turned 24, have been out of college for 2 years, and i have no freaking clue what i want to do with my life. you remind me a lot of myself actually. i used to be so obsessed with figuring it out, i was always stressed out and trying to be perfect, i didn't want to mess up or have people be disappointed, and sometimes i still feel that way, but you have to find peace with not knowing and just let yourself be. let yourself experience and create and grow, let yourself feel, make mistakes, take chances, try new things. you have time. don't rush.

your mini is fabulous, i love it.

Shelly W said...

You forgot to mention one thing about yourself . . . you are SPECIAL!! I love you!


danilouwho said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the birthday love on my blog!! you're so sweet!

And I was looking at your music list - Jack Johnson and Nickel Creek?? They rule!