Thursday, July 31, 2008

{i can't get anything done}

okay. i had a list. i made it on monday. i wanted to clean my room. get a new phone. make some new minis for a journaling project. catch up on my email. get some school shopping done before i leave for switzerland. among other things.

but absolutely nothing got done, so far. and i have to work today and tomorrow, which leaves me little time until the week is over. i'm starting to panic.

here's another confession: i am the world's biggest procrastinator.

this probably isn't hard for most of you to believe, seeing as though i ramble on about practically nothing in most of my blog posts. actually, right now i'm supposed to be drying my hair. and getting dressed. and attempting to clean my room. here's how my thought process went:

hooray! my makeup is done. ooh, looks good. i'll go into the bathroom to dry my hair. what's this? nobody's on the computer! let's check blogs. ho-hum, nothing updated. that's too bad. oh, no email either. ooh look! a rubber band! that reminds me of a video i saw!! let's go watch it again. oh yeah! that was on the distractions blog! i love that blog. blog. ooh, i was supposed to post on my blog. i made two minis, but i don't like them. so i might not take pictures. what the heck am i supposed to write about? i've done nothing! ooh, i'll post about that! here i go...

and in the meantime, my room is still messy and my hair is airdrying ugly-ish. *sigh*

does anyone else have this kind of problem? now that you've heard how weird my thoughts are, do you think i'm rather freakish?

hmm, that's okay. i kind of am. ;)

anyway...i've just decided i'll take pictures of one of the not-so-loved minis and show you tomorrow. and that's a promise. because i know that you all just pine for more of my ramblings when i'm stuck doing nothing at home. or scooping ice cream at work.

and for all of you people like me who are so easily distracted, here is that fabulous video that i remembered after seeing that rubber band. i kind of love this one.

power to the procrastinators!!
now i really need to go dry my hair.


stacijo said...

last time I checked procrastination was a good thing. Just trying to make a fellow procrastinator feel good. I was supposed to paint my kitchen...two years ago!! Still have the paint but it is still in the can!! I'm thinking that I'll do it...this summer....sometime.....

Mandi said...

Blowing drying the hair= the worst. Specially in the summer time.
I go in the basement to do it. And I usually don't have enough patience to finish.
Summer is ponytail time. For sure.

metrochic said...

OH. MY. GOD. that video is genius. love it!