Tuesday, July 22, 2008


so, as i promised, here's a post dedicated to what i've been inspired by lately. it's kind of a hodge-podge, so try to stay with me! ;) (i'm sure you'll have no trouble...)

1) the proust questionnaire from jayson home & garden
i love this little guy. okay, so mainly i love the color of the cover, but the idea of journaling by answering questions really appeals to me. i'm working on a mini that will entertain this idea. you'll see that pretty soon.

2) the plastic fantastic collection from studio jspr
okay, no picture for this one, but seriously. check it out. how fabulous are those chairs? and the couch? i mean, look at the colors! if i had more room in my bedroom (and money...) i would so get a white or pink one.

3) this picture by daffie @ flickr
wow. i can't get enough of this. have you noticed how i really like pink? and this camera. swoon.

4) the heidi merrick fall collection
i know this has been a big one going around, but if you haven't seen it already, go look. i love it. it totally speaks for itself.

5) story beads by fieldandsea
okay, seriously. how genius is this? she wrote a story, cut it into lines, and made beads out of it. i just love the idea. i've got to get me some of these.

this whole idea is fantastic to me. people take pictures of words and send them into this site, which makes a dictionary out of the images. i want to make some moo cards out of these and do a magnetic poetry type thing.

yeah, so that's some of what i've been loving lately. i could go on and on but figured possibly i should stop. i'll do another one of these later.

oh! one more thing! the fantastic fashionistas over at SIS featured two of my minis on the catwalk this week! i'm totally freaking out. i just wanted to thank everyone over there for their fantastic comments and encouragements. you're the best!

till tomorrow, ciao!


Lu said...

this is such a great idea. thanks for the inspiration.

stacijo said...

Congrats on the Catwalk!! You totally deserved it...your mini's are awesome!!!

Sis: Stacijo