Thursday, July 17, 2008

{how many can you think of?}

i'd kind of been in a creative slump for a while, but i finally dragged myself to my desk today to make something. i have a long list of projects i want to do sitting there, but seeing as though the week is almost over i decided to do the prompt from the art is found. which is about notebook paper. which i love.

i took eight pieces and layered them to do a lo and then decided i'd encompass one of my own challenges in there. i do these things from time to time to get my creativity going where i set a creative goal for myself. this time i wanted to think of 50 unique things one could do with notebook paper. so i went to town and wrote a list on the layered pieces of paper and added some envelopes for texture/dimension. it's not the best thing i've ever made, but i really had a fun time thinking up all of the different things one could do with paper. so i kind of love it.

how many can you think of?

if you want to know what it says, i can write the list here. but it would take a while and frankly, i don't have the energy at this moment. next i'm going to work on a yes/no mini. i think this should be amusing. i'm also going to make some more atc's to put into my quote book. this will come probably saturday since i have to work tomorrow.

until then, ciao! :)

oh wait! did you see project runway last night? what did you think?? i loved it besides the fact that they recycled a challenge and let two weirdos stay. but other than that it was a pretty inspiring episode. i love recycling to make art! especially how kelly did the bleaching on that vacuum bag. pure. genius.

okay now i leave you.


killerxkim said...

you are my favourite!
just found your blog. love it.
you're just the coolest!!


Mandi said...

I love all the layers!

Kara said...

Okay. This is amazingly cool! Like I can't stop staring at it amazingly cool. Dang.