Saturday, July 19, 2008

{thinking...about tonight!!}

sooo...i got creative this morning! i dreamed up a babysitting job. i woke up early early (very hard, since it was raining and rather darkish) to go and babysit, but apparantly it was the wrong day. not one person was up, and i woke them all up. and i embarassed myself. apparantly i was supposed to babysit them two weeks from now, or something. ga. that is just so like me!

but i also got creative in the scrapping department. made myself a little journal to commemerate this week where i decided to just be. it's a journal of all that i have been thinking about this week. i really wanted to use the sewing machine, so i whipped up a bobbin and sewed most of the pages in some way or another. i used that fantastic bag from the thrift shop as the cover. like?

you can see the rest on my flickr. link is on the left. it was totally fun to make. took up a good three hours of my morning :)

but now onto my night. i am going to the american idol concert tonight!! i'm totally excited! my family is totally into reality television. it's totally sad, i know, but we are. this is one of our faves, so the chicas in our fam are going with one of my friends and her mom. ack! it's going to be fab! plus also i love jason castro and can't wait to get a picture of him... ;)

it's going to be fantastic! i'll post pictures tomorrow and give links to where i've been inspired lately. till then, ciao!


Shelly W said...

Oh Kate, I just love that first sentence (or two)! I'm keeping that to quote someday. Hope you don't mind!

Mom :)

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Wow Kate! I totally love what you did today! Both the mess up with the baby sitting - cause it makes me feel more normal! And the SB - so inspiring!

killerxkim said...

never stop being amazing,
and waking people up early.
okay? you rock too much.

Silvitanova said...

Great work girl! Love your blog!
I was in Cardet (near Anduze) in France.

ca said...

The Book is lovely and American Idol sounds amazing :)